Mihajlovicnenad.com rebrands as XforWooCommerce.com

Hey friends! Moving forward, stepping up a ladder or the level up, whatever you call it, it’s here! With the Product Filter for WooCommerce 7 release, we clearly need to make this thing special.


XforWooCommerce.com is born! We’ve rebranded to a whole new service that’ll expand quicker than ever before!

Is there anything to worry about?

No. If you’ve used our plugins for WooCommerce, you can still do this. If you’ve had a license on Codecanyon.net, you still do have it. Everything will stay in place, except for our home website, which is moved to XforWooCommerce.com and our profile on Envato which got renamed to XforWooCommerce, of course 🙂 While moving, we might have some double pages, but don’t worry, the move will be done quickly.

XforWooCommerce.com is born!

So, what’s X for WooCommerce? It’s a plugin bundle that installs as one plugin and adds many options to WooCommerce, via our already known plugins. These include product filters, options, badges, live product editing, SEO, product design and much much more. One settings page, uniform settings, extensions at a flip of a switch. Full support for any theme for WooCommerce and of course our Premium Support, which achieves exceptional results in recent times. We plan to add at least 20+ modules to the XforWooCommerce by the next year, and we’re currently at the count of 8.

Product Filter for WooCommerce 7

The item we’ve all been waiting for! This version is a lightyear away from the last one! We’ve tested it thoroughly and we’re quite confident you’ll be absolutely amazed with it. Main issues in the previous version such as compatibility, unfriendly user interface and bugs all around have been wiped out of the system, and replaced with amazing user friendly UI/UX that’ll revolutionise the way you handle filters in your store. The plugin described in short, is absolutely staggering.

If you own a license for the Product Filter for WooCommerce previous to version 7, head straight to your Codecanyon.net downloads section and download your update for free!

Thanks, Nenad