Change Log – XforWooCommerce 1.1.0

XforWooCommerce updates and fixes! Found a bug? Follow this link →

ShopKit 2.0.6

  • plugin updates WooCommerce 3.7.0, XforWooCommerce 1.1.0, WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5, Ultimate Add-ons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.19.0, Revolution Slider 6.1.2
  • fixed default user role on registration
  • fixed compiling less bugs with special characters like >, “..
  • fixed default options problems and saving empty options.. child themes are updated, please update yours!
  • added support for using email with login element

Product filters 7.1.2

  • fixed more filters not saving bugs
  • fixed default attribute ordering
  • removed gutenberg product blocks support. the issue is, that these no longer use WooCommerce shortcodes. plugin will work as expected if used with WooCommerce shortcodes and the shortcode element. however new standard for product blocks plugin will not be followed
  • fixed problems with loading animation and hidden filters
  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Product options 4.8.1

  • added support for selecting options with a link change in shop that leads to product page with pre-selected options
  • fixed product page hide add to cart before the required selection
  • fixed out of stock variation and add to cart button bug
  • fixed out of stock crossed out color bug
  • fixed product options default styles and improved shop swatch styles function
  • improved plain text, border style
  • improved default shop installation for ShopKit theme
  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Badges and counters 3.5.1

  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Search engine optimization 1.2.1

  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Live product editing 4.3.1

  • update svx admin 1.2.0

PDF, print and share 2.4.1

  • removed google plus network
  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Shop design 1.3.5

  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Warranties and returns 4.3.1

  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Product Tabs 1.0.5

  • update svx admin 1.2.0

Spam Control 1.0.3

  • update svx admin 1.2.0