Change log – XforWooCommerce version 1.0.3

XforWooCommerce version 1.0.3

XforWooCommerce updates and fixes! Found a bug? Follow this link →

  • hide admin notices, errors and info in XforWooCommerce dashboard

Product filters 7.0.4

  • fixed all around WPML issues, not getting correct filter preset, show which preset is being edited, presets manager re-saving options on different languages
  • fixed WPML ?lang= missing from the AJAX urls generating 404 pages
  • fixed price and price range filter problems, including tax prices filtering issues
  • fixed after ajax javascript bug
  • fixed no products found wrapper ajax bugs
  • fixed wpbakery page builder old presets showing and missing element icon
  • fixed gutenberg builder old presets showing
  • fixed deleted attribute bugs in filter presets
  • added filter prdctfltr_show_filter for not displaying filters in pages
  • svx settings update 1.1.3

Product options 4.6.4 – 4.6.5

  • svx settings update 1.1.3
  • v4.6.5 quick admin panel bug fix that was present only in plugin version of the module

Badges and counters 3.4.4

  • svx settings update 1.1.3

Search engine optimization 1.1.4

  • fixed more rank bugs
  • svx settings update 1.1.3

Live product editing 4.2.4

  • svx settings update 1.1.3

PDF, print and share 2.3.4

  • svx settings update 1.1.3

Shop design 1.2.4

  • svx settings update 1.1.3

Warranties and returns 4.2.4

  • svx settings update 1.1.3