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But, don’t worry, we’re not done yet! rebrands as! We want to provide better service, plugins and experience for everyone, so the is born, and you’ll be quite amazed what we’ve got!

What is this XforWooCommerce?

For some time we’ve been releasing plugins for WooCommerce. As the number growed, things got more complicated and troubling for everyone. This, XforWooCommerce is the thing that’ll change it all. Instead of using and maintaining all these WooCommerce plugins now you can use just a single one. It’s called the XforWooCommerce and comes with 8 modules, but will be updated with fresh new ones soon!

Current XforWooCommerce Modules Product FiltersProduct OptionsBadges and CountersSearch Engine OptimizationLive Product EditingPDF, Print and ShareShop DesignWarranties and Returns
These modules are available at a flip of a switch. Don’t want to use any of those? They won’t even be loaded if you say so, but still this will operate as one plugin. What’s the benefit? Maintaining one plugin with automatic updates surely is easier than a dozen. What else? All options are uniform and shared for quick and easy access. Anything else?

Yes! It’s the all new Product Filter for WooCommerce version 7!

Now, that is something! This is basically a whole new plugin. It has been redone from the ground up and is now ready to scale like never before! If you already own a license to it, just head to the downloads page and grab your copy today!

What about that XforWooCommerce?

Let’s talk about it, here’s a few things you might want to know.


Welcome to the future of WooCommerce

Plugins that work together and bring awesomeness to any store!XforWooCommerce is a plugin for WooCommerce. It has many modules that work together in your Store. These add-on options, settings and functions are uniform and shared between modules. Tasks perform quicker, jobs are done easier and your customers feel the difference.

We’ve got demos to show it all and they’re available at our brand new website  →

XforWooCommerce today comes at an amazing price of just $19 / $39. Use the opportunity get it for your store today. Lifetime automatic updates and 6 months of help and support are included!

Are you an author?

If you’re an author and you sell themes on, we’ve got a special deal for you! XforWooCommerce included in your theme and selling for only $199! Now, that’s an amazing deal for an extended license that gives so much!


and find out more!

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