Product Filter 8

A few new things are implemented in the all new Product Filter 8.

1. Active variation filtering

Product filter recognises out of stock products. Problem was that it never showed that, apart when the Instock filters are active.

From Product Filter version 8, variations will be filtered in a grayscale and an out of stock badge will be added to them by the plugin.

Furthermore, filter will now adjust counts if Instock filter is used or not to show the appropriate product count. We expect your feedback on this. Thanks!

2. Product finder shortcode

To make things simple we’ve added the product finder module shortcode. Here’s how to use it.

Call products finder module


Call products finder module with a custom preset

[products_finder preset="my-preset-name"]

All parameters you can use with this shortcode

[products_finder preset="my-preset-name" ajax="yes" disable_overrides="yes" shortcode_id="my-finder-id" class="my-finder-class" action=""]

3. Products shortcode now has simple implementation for sidebar

You have read that well. You can now display a sidebar aside shortcode with just one shortcode. How to do this?

Call products shortcode with aside sidebar product filter

[products prdctfltr="aside" ajax="yes"]

For more information on the WooCommerce products shortcode go here

Just a reminder, we hope you’ve not forgot these product filter parameters.

Call products shortcode with product filter on top

[products prdctfltr="yes" ajax="yes"]

Call products shortcode without the product filter and expect one to be added from sidebar/widget area

[products prdctfltr="widget" ajax="yes"]

4. AJAX round up

If you use any of the good themes then AJAX works for you, replacing titles, category descriptions and product results count happens on your page. Breadcrumbs are now a part of that. We’ve got a full circle with the active content in AJAX now, all you have to do is use one of the good themes!

There are probably more interesting things added, but that’s the top 4. Thanks for using the Product Filter for WooCommerce!