Product Filter for WooCommerce 7 first hand

Finally, a thing we’ve all been waiting for. The Product Filter for WooCommerce 7 is released! Now, before you go and quickly grab it, let’s read a thing or two about the update itself.

With the update comes great power

Introducing the new admin area, freshly designed, new principles, new ready to scale environment. This isn’t only a filter anymore, but more likely, it’s a full feature unlimited filters kind of a plugin. Ability to add any filter at any place is now made with ease. Responsive settings come with that, so making a complex filtering environment thru your Store will be quite easy. We’ve got demos to show it all, and these are included in your purchase! If you need a free demo installation, just ask in our Help Center. Agent will politely install it for you.

Filter is now part of the XforWooCommerce

XforWooCommerce is the new thing! A plugin for WooCommerce with modules inside. They all work together to perform quicker and be simpler for use, and we must say, it’s quite something. We plan to sell it at an affordable price, and if you need more than just a filter, this is the plugin to use.

What about the old Product Filter?

Really, not much to worry about. If you’ve had a Product Filter previous to version 7, it’ll work in compatibility mode until you save your presets and settings again. Other than it, not much has changed. You still own the license, you can still download the updates from and the updates will automatically do what they need to allow a smooth transition.

Need help?

If you need help, you can always ask in our Help Center. Agents are prompt and will assist you on the update.

Thanks for using! Nenad