ShopKit 2.0.0 is released!

What’s ShopKit?

ShopKit is an awesome theme for WooCommerce. Why is it so awesome? Because, it follows best WooCommerce practices, and works out of the box! The most relatable theme to it is the Storefront, which too, is made with the best possible compatibility in mind.

Version 2.0.0?

Yes, this is the new version that’s out. It tries to comply with the new standards for WordPress themes and plugins. Meaning, it’s faster, more safe and better than ever.

Updating from old ShopKit?

If you are, there’s one thing you need to know. Plugins for WooCommerce that were bundled with this theme are now removed, and replaced with the XforWooCommerce plugin. This cuts time when updating and maintaining website and you will surely have less things to worry about. XforWooCommerce will pick up all your options from these removed plugins, so everything will stay in place and right were it was before.

Things that can go wrong?

Not much. When you update, check your WooCommerce product columns and rows settings from the Customizer. These options have been removed from ShopKit to make it even more into WooCommerce. After you set these, you will need to navigate ShopKit settings page and just click Save to re-save your options and recompile the new CSS stylesheet that’s used with the 2.0.0 version. Afterwards, your website should be smoother than ever!

More things to worry about. Language files for the removed plugins are now merged and the XforWooCommerce language file is used. So, these need updating too.

Need help?

If something goes wrong, or you just want us to do the updates for you, do follow our Help Center link and submit your request at the bottom. Our support agents are prompt, helpful and will help you out in this transitional period.

Thanks for using ShopKit!